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QINGHE CARBON CO.,LIMITED  is a professional manufacturer of carbon which has been founded in 1999.Our production scope mainly comprises calcined petroleum coke, graphitized petroleum coke, graphite electrodes and graphite pellets.They are being used in steel foundries and for automatic grinding equipment.Our company headquarter is located in Shijiazhuang City the capital of Hebei province.The production plant Kai Feng Graphite New Material is located in Kai Feng city, Henan province.The factory covers a total area of 50000 ㎡ with a building area of 20000㎡.Surrounded by the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway ,Longhai Railway ,Lanzhou-Xuzhou High Speed Railway ,G45 National Highway ,S82 and S83 Provincial highway ,and s327 Provincial Road it supposes of a good logistics network.The factory which is based on ultra-high temperature vertical graphite purification technology, develops and produces high-temperature special carbon materials that become a graphitized carbon additive with excellent performance for steel production and precision casting.The main features are:1.) pure chemical composition, high carbon, low sulfur and nitrogen content.2.)Uniform particle distribution for a fast absorption in molten iron.3.) the crystal structure of graphite is well developed, improves the nucleating ability of iron raw liquid and refines the distribution of homogenized graphite in castings.4.)all electric furnaces are equipped with waste gas recovery devices to reduce harmful gas emissions and actively respond to the country’s latest environmental protection policies.

As a company that combines the process of production, processing and exporting under one roof, we are continuously updating our operations and equipment.Optimization of our product quality and maximization of customer satisfaction are outspoken commitments of the whole Sheng Sa Carbon team.Integrity, reliability and sustainability of our operations are what helped us to gain an excellent reputation among our domestic and international customers.